Meet the Managing Director:

Hello. Welcome to Tourang Int'l Food Industries website. Our line of production is baby food. We are the largest infant and children food producers in Middle East. I would appreciate your comments on our products, commercially known as Mamana. Please do not hesitate to keep us informed of your respective viewpoints. Our motto is customers' satisfaction. Our professional team at Tourang has perpetually striven for producing high quality baby food so those mothers who truly care about their babies' nutrition can rely on us.

 Managing Director. 



Tourang 's History:

Tourang Int'l Food Industries has been established to help nurture a vibrant generation and prevent malnutrition among infants and children. The very initial steps, including the selection of the factory site and contractors, the technical studies, the selection of production technology and machinery, all the way up to the construction and operation phases, have been accomplished in accordance with the existing international standards.

Our hallmark is professionalism. We have from the outset targeted research and production of a wide range of natural baby food. Tourang specialists are very competent in the field of nutrition and production. We use advanced technology in all phases of our activities.



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