Quality: The Core of Our Activities

Our main priority is high quality production in compliance with national and international standards.

Our sophisticated and advanced Quality Control laboratories only select the best quality final product. They constantly control production in the intermediate stages and also test the final product for excellent quality.

The QA Department exercises physical, chemical and microbiological controls as well as environmental analysis to guarantee the excellent quality of Mamana.

Meanwhile, the department has maintained close relations with the major international institutions involved in setting the governing laws and regulations in the field of baby food production and compiling relevant formulae. We strictly abide by the standards set by the local Standard Institute, the Health Ministry as well as those of the Codex Alimentarus .

We go beyond mere product quality control. Tourang guarantees the quality of all its products if stored properly. All mothers concerned over their babies' health and nutrition can be rest assured that Mamana is the net result of perpetual endeavors of a team that only contemplates professional excellence.


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